Since 1975 PROJMORS provides Project Management of many various large and medium projects. This branch contains one of the major part of activity.

Complete rebuilding of the main breakwater in Gdynia on a distance about 2 km.
The system contains: fibre-optic underwater cable between Gdansk and Gdynia Ports 22 km long, radars installation in lighthouses, computer system for management.
′Turn-key′ project, first in East Europe with the highest standard of food center.
FIDIC procedure.
Terminal for storage and handling Liquid and Dry Bulk Fertilizers with most modern dome type storages for dry materials 60000 t capacity (2×20000 t + 2×10000 t) and reloading capacity of 2×0,5 mill.T/year dry and liquid, designing for handle ships up to 30000 DWT.
Rubble mound type 1,5 km length breakwater as a protection of the mouth of Vistula river.
  • refurbishing of West Breakwater
  • modernization of berths of total length 510 m
  • new inner Pier length 135 m
  • Kaszubski Pier length 100 m
Supervision of objects under construction like quays, brakewaters, sewage treatment plant, intermediate pumping station.