Sea repair shipyard at Swinoujscie was the first designed and build shipyard in Poland after the Secind World War. The yard was adapted for ocean going vessels repairs and consists two departments: bulk carriers repairing department and fishing vessels repairing department. Two floating docks with 3.500 T and 4.500 T lifting capacity. Total length of quays and piers – 3.000 m.
Repair shipyard with about 400 m of repair quays, workshops, technical facilities and other objects and stores.
Floating dock positioning from 3000 up to 5000 t, heavy quays with cranes from 200 up to 500 kN.
Universal shipyard for the ships with capacity up to 1500t. Various workshop – 12800m2, 3 floating docks (1200t, 3500t, 4500t), shiplift 600t, heavy quays with cranes.
Floating docks positioning (25000t and 33000 t) with dolphins mooring 2,5 m dia and 36 m length, heavy quays, slipway for floating dock construction up to 55000 t.